Estate Litigation

If you feel you have been unfairly treated, you need to obtain some legal advice.

Many and varied are the circumstances where a person may have a claim against the estate of a deceased person. If you feel you have been unfairly treated, you need to obtain some legal advice.

Children and spouses of a deceased person have certain rights to seek a variation of a Will pursuant to the Wills Variation Act. A deceased person may have certain legal or moral obligation to their spouse or children. The Courts may vary the distribution of assets in the Will where the deceased has not made adequate provision for a spouse or child.

Questions sometimes arise whether there have been improper influences brought to bear in the making of a Will. If you believe there has been undue influence in the making of a Will, there may be grounds for having the Will challenged and set aside. Similarly a Will may be challenged on the grounds the deceased was not “competent” at the time of making the Will.

Quantum meruit claims — If you have provided care or assistance to a person during their lifetime with the promise or expectation of being compensated, you may have the grounds to advance a claim in “quantum meruit”. Essentially this means you may have a claim for the value of the services you have rendered.

No Will found? If after a diligent search no Will has been found, the estate of the deceased person may be distributed pursuant to the Estate Administration Act. The Act provides who may apply for the authority to administer the estate of the deceased person. Generally, family members will have the first right. The Estate Administration Act provides how the estate is to be distributed between the next of kin. If you are affected, you need to obtain some legal advice.

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