Wills And Estates

The importance of a Will – A Will is especially important if you have a spouse and/or children. In the absence of a Will, the Public Trustee will administer the portion of your Estate going to your children. This adds significant complexities and cost in providing the necessary care for your children.

Named as an Executor ? — We are experienced in assisting Executors in all aspects of the administration of estates. As an Executor, you have certain responsibilities to preserve the estate, apply for probate of the Will, pay the liabilities of the estate and to attending to the distribution. Certain death benefits may also be available. Contact us to learn more about your rights and responsibilities as an Executor.


We recommend putting a Representation Agreement and / or a Power of Attorney in place as part of your estate planning. A Power of Attorney can be granted to take effect immediately or upon your incapacity to grant a trusted person to transact your financial affairs. Frequently, a Power of Attorney is prepared at the same time as a Will. In the absence of a Power of Attorney in the event of incapacity, a costly application to the Court may be required for a person to obtain the legal authority to administer your financial affairs. This is referred to as a Court Order authorizing a person to be the “Committee” of a person’s estate and / or of their personal affairs. A Power of Attorney is a low cost preventative measure.

Representation Agreements are frequently drawn at the same time as the Power of Attorney to authorize a trusted person (or persons) to assist you in making health care decisions in the event that you are unable to do so for yourself. A Power of Attorney does not authorize a person to make health care decisions for you. A Representation Agreement may authorize a person to make all manner of decisions regarding your personal care in major and minor health care matters. A Representation Agreement may also provide for routine management of your financial affairs. The Agreement may set out and direct the person as to your wishes with respect to whether or not extraordinary measures are to be made regarding life care decisions. The time to consider making a Representation Agreement is when you are in good health. This Agreement will assist those who are close to you in making decisions and in directing medical personnel in the event of failing health.

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